Friday, 10 October 2014

Fall Spice Tag!

Hi Guys,

Today i decided to do the Fall Spice Tag because I love to do a good tag and since most of my other posts are Halloween related I decided that I should do something different even if its still related to the time of year.

1. Favourite Fall lip product?
Well once its fall my lips tend to start getting more dry so I like to use lip balm more than lip gloss or lip stick so this year I'm going to be using body shops Born Lippy range.

2. Red or Pink lips?
I prefer pink lips I don't think I could pull off the red lips.

3. Winged eye liner or bold shadow? 
I don't really wear winged eye liner so I will have to go for bold eye shadow.

4.Natural/ Cold/ Light or Bold/ Warm/ Dark make up? 
I think i prefer Natural/ Cold/ Light make up as like I said not sure I can pull off dark bold colours.

5.Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
My favourite fall nail polish has to be essies Saturday disco fever 

6. Ugg or Moccasins? 
I love the look of moccasins and I've always wanted a pair so probably moccasins plus most people wear uggs nowadays.

7. Fuzzy Socks or Knee High Socks?
One of my most favourite things about fall is the fact that I can wear fuzzy socks so I will definitely go for Fuzzy socks.

8. Favourite Fall accessory?
My favourite fall accessory is basicly anything cosy such as boots, scarf's, socks, hats, gloves.

9. Favourite Fall Food?
My favourite fall food has got to be any kind of warm food maybe like a Sunday dinner with all of the trimmings. 

10. Favourite Halloween movie?
My favourite Halloween movie has to be any of the harry potter films there is a list of my favourite films as another blog post if you would like to go look at it.

11. Apple Pie or Brownies?
I would definitely choose any kind of chocolate dessert as my favourite so it has to be brownies.

12. Favourite Halloween Candy?
I love any kind of candy really so any candy I receive at Halloween time I would be happy about.

13. Halloween Costume this year? 
I don't think I am going to dress up as anything for Halloween but if I was I think it would be cool to be something scary like a zombie.

14. What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
I love the fact it starts to get a lot colder and cosier and that's why its my favourite time of the year apart from christmas.

I tag all the people who read this tag to do this tag, its a fun and quick thing to do on your blog so that people get to know what you like a bit more! Thank you for reading don't forget to come back on Monday to find out what my favourite Halloween movies are! Also leave a comment with your tag if you do it! 

xoxo Lucy