Friday, 14 November 2014

Ikea Folders D.I.Y

Hey Guys,

Today I decided to do a D.I.Y that I'd seen on pintrest and I thought it would be a really cool addition to my uni room because they are practical and pretty. These have been so good to put my uni work and blog stuff in that I thought I would share the idea with you all.

What you will need:-

Ikea folders
Wrapping Paper

Step 1- Get your wrapping paper lay it out and draw around the side of the file which you want to put that paper on.
Step 2- Cut out the outline for the paper and stick it onto the side of the side of the folders that you want it to be on. Step 3- Keep going till you have covered all sides of the folder and then display them as you like

Thank you for reading I hope you all like this even though its a short post I thought that it was an easy one for everyone to do. Don't forget to check out all of my social media above and come back on Monday for another new post.

xoxo Lucy .