Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winter Essentials

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry I've been rubbish at uploading this week, to make up for it I've spent a while changing my background ready for christmas I hope you like it! Also lately I've noticed that everyone has started to wear winter clothes, such as scarf's, hats and coats. So I decided that it was time for me to do an Autumn/Winter essentials blog post to tell you about some of my Winter essentials and hopefully give you some ideas. 

So here is some of the things that you might need when you go outdoors:-

1. Winter Boots to make sure you don't get cold feet.

2. Leggings are always good as they are cosy.

3. Jeans are a winter essential for everyone.

4. Scarf's are always good to keep you warm and they look pretty with outfits.

5.Gloves to keep your hands warm.

6. A coat to keep you all cosy.

7. Ear Muffs not an essential but are good I have cool ones with built in earphones.

8. Jumpers for the extra cold winter days.

9. Cardigans for the not as cold winter days.

10. A hat to keep all your heat in.

I though I would add some essentials for the Indoors too.

1. Big Cosy Blankets are always good if your a bit chilly inside.

2. Pyjamas are the cosiest thing to wear on a lazy day especially in winter.

3.  I wear slippers all the time in the winter especially slipper boots.

4. Movies are always good for Wintery cosy days.

5.Hot Drinks are great to warm you up after being out in the cold.

6. Bath Stuff is good all year round but I feel winter in bath season.

I hope that this post was helpful to at least one person to know what kind of things will be good for them to have this winter. Obviously not all of these are life or death items but I thought they were all items which would be nice to have this winter. Also sorry that I didn't upload last week I had a lot going on. 

xoxo Lucy