Monday, 10 November 2014

Ikea Mini Haul

Hey Guys,

The other day I went to Ikea so I thought I would show you some of the cool things that I got for my Uni room. I don't have pictures for all of them so I had to show you the Ikea pictures.

This is the Skurar Candle Holder I now use mine on my desk to hold my stationary in.

£1.90 Each

These are the Ikea Drona Box ive used these around my room to keep things for uni in.

£2.50 Each

These are the Ikea magazine files and stick around because on Friday I have a D.I.Y using these for you all.

£1.60 For 5

This is the Ullkaktus Cushion and i got this because I needed a pop of colour to go with my bedding.


This is a Bastis Lint Roller I know its kind of boring but when you have a cat these are life savers.

£0.90 Each

This is the Krakris Throw and I bought this for my kitten as she is literally obsessed with boxes and we thought she would like to lay on one of these in the box.

£1.50 Each

I hope you like this Ikea Mini Haul and if you like and want any of the items above then ill leave the link to the Ikea page at the bottom or for all the items I've bought the links are in the names of the items. Like I said don't forget to come back on Friday for an Ikea D.I.Y. Also don't forget to check out my social media they are all linked at the top of my blog.

xoxo Lucy