Friday, 28 November 2014

November Monthly Favourites

Hey Guys,

Its that time of the month again when I tell you five of my favourite things from the month of November. This month there isn't really a theme in my favourites just the things that I've been loving this month.

1. Hat

This hat has been amazing this month to keep me warm because everyone needs to keep the cold out and I always find it hard to find hats that suit me and this one does!

2. Blanket

I chose this blanket as one of my favourites because I've been eying it up for months and I finally got it because I forgot to bring my cosy blanket with me to uni and it's been getting colder lately. 

3. Moisturiser

Moisturiser is iny favourites this month because I don't usually have that bad skin in winter, but lately my skin has been really bad so this has been helping lots. 
4. Ipad Cover

My iPad cover is one of my favourites because it's a really good protective cover for my iPad and it's been very useful lately. 

5. Christmas Trees 

This month I've just loved seeing all of the Christmas trees and decorations that have been put up all over the place, it has definitely made me feel festive!

I hope you all like my November favourites don't forget to share your favourites with me in the comments and don't forget to come back on Monday for another post and next month for my December favourites.

xoxo Lucy

Monday, 24 November 2014

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Hey guys,

So this weekend I've  just been relaxing and I decided to make some cupcakes and I thought since I love writing D.I.Y's so much on my blog I decided to share my cupcakes with you all. This is a recipe which I found on and it was called Mary Berry Chocolate Cupcake, the only difference I made was adding some mint flavouring to the cupcakes. Disclaimer you should probably not use hot chocolate instead of cocoa powder as it didn't make them as chocolaty as I would have liked, also sorry for my icing skills haven't quite mastered it yet. 


What you will need:- 
115g -Flour 
40g -Cocoa powder
3- eggs 
1tsp- Baking powder 
4tbsp- Hot Water 
165g- Golden Caster sugar 
175g- Butter 
A few Drops- Mint flavouring

Chocolate Icing-
60g- Butter 
30g- Cocoa Powder
3 tbsp Milk
250g Golden Icing Sugar 

1. Sift cocoa powder into a bowl and add the boiling water to it and mix until smooth and thick.

2. Then you need to add the remaining wet ingredients, so add three eggs, butter and the mint flavouring then whisk again until everything is mixed in. 

3. Next add all of the dry mixture to the wet mixture until everything is nice and smooth, if you mix with an electronic whisk it is a lot easier.

4. Fill the cupcake cases up 1/2 way for average fairy cake sized cupcakes and 3/4ths of the way full if you want bigger cupcakes. The recipe says that this makes 24 cupcakes and I got 12 out of the mixture with 3/4th full cupcake cases. 

5. Put the cupcakes in the oven for 10 minutes at 200c (400F, Gas Mark 6)  and keep checking them with a tooth pic until it comes out completely clean. 

6. Put them on a cooling rack to cool and then once they are completely cool move them to a plate.

Then to ice the cupcakes you need to melt the butter in a bowl, sift in the cocoa powder,  then add the icing sugar a little bit at a time making sure to stir it. Then if the icing is too thick gradually add the milk until it is at the right consistency for you.  

I hope you like the idea of these and if any of you make them or any different kinds tag me in them on Instagram or comment your recipes below. Also don't forget to check out my links and leave a comment below, I hope you liked this post and here is the link to the official cupcakes if you prefer to use Mary Berry's recipe to a t.

Mary Berry Cupcake's

Xoxo Lucy 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winter Essentials

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry I've been rubbish at uploading this week, to make up for it I've spent a while changing my background ready for christmas I hope you like it! Also lately I've noticed that everyone has started to wear winter clothes, such as scarf's, hats and coats. So I decided that it was time for me to do an Autumn/Winter essentials blog post to tell you about some of my Winter essentials and hopefully give you some ideas. 

So here is some of the things that you might need when you go outdoors:-

1. Winter Boots to make sure you don't get cold feet.

2. Leggings are always good as they are cosy.

3. Jeans are a winter essential for everyone.

4. Scarf's are always good to keep you warm and they look pretty with outfits.

5.Gloves to keep your hands warm.

6. A coat to keep you all cosy.

7. Ear Muffs not an essential but are good I have cool ones with built in earphones.

8. Jumpers for the extra cold winter days.

9. Cardigans for the not as cold winter days.

10. A hat to keep all your heat in.

I though I would add some essentials for the Indoors too.

1. Big Cosy Blankets are always good if your a bit chilly inside.

2. Pyjamas are the cosiest thing to wear on a lazy day especially in winter.

3.  I wear slippers all the time in the winter especially slipper boots.

4. Movies are always good for Wintery cosy days.

5.Hot Drinks are great to warm you up after being out in the cold.

6. Bath Stuff is good all year round but I feel winter in bath season.

I hope that this post was helpful to at least one person to know what kind of things will be good for them to have this winter. Obviously not all of these are life or death items but I thought they were all items which would be nice to have this winter. Also sorry that I didn't upload last week I had a lot going on. 

xoxo Lucy  

Friday, 14 November 2014

Ikea Folders D.I.Y

Hey Guys,

Today I decided to do a D.I.Y that I'd seen on pintrest and I thought it would be a really cool addition to my uni room because they are practical and pretty. These have been so good to put my uni work and blog stuff in that I thought I would share the idea with you all.

What you will need:-

Ikea folders
Wrapping Paper

Step 1- Get your wrapping paper lay it out and draw around the side of the file which you want to put that paper on.
Step 2- Cut out the outline for the paper and stick it onto the side of the side of the folders that you want it to be on. Step 3- Keep going till you have covered all sides of the folder and then display them as you like

Thank you for reading I hope you all like this even though its a short post I thought that it was an easy one for everyone to do. Don't forget to check out all of my social media above and come back on Monday for another new post.

xoxo Lucy .  

Monday, 10 November 2014

Ikea Mini Haul

Hey Guys,

The other day I went to Ikea so I thought I would show you some of the cool things that I got for my Uni room. I don't have pictures for all of them so I had to show you the Ikea pictures.

This is the Skurar Candle Holder I now use mine on my desk to hold my stationary in.

£1.90 Each

These are the Ikea Drona Box ive used these around my room to keep things for uni in.

£2.50 Each

These are the Ikea magazine files and stick around because on Friday I have a D.I.Y using these for you all.

£1.60 For 5

This is the Ullkaktus Cushion and i got this because I needed a pop of colour to go with my bedding.


This is a Bastis Lint Roller I know its kind of boring but when you have a cat these are life savers.

£0.90 Each

This is the Krakris Throw and I bought this for my kitten as she is literally obsessed with boxes and we thought she would like to lay on one of these in the box.

£1.50 Each

I hope you like this Ikea Mini Haul and if you like and want any of the items above then ill leave the link to the Ikea page at the bottom or for all the items I've bought the links are in the names of the items. Like I said don't forget to come back on Friday for an Ikea D.I.Y. Also don't forget to check out my social media they are all linked at the top of my blog.

xoxo Lucy

Friday, 7 November 2014

My trip to Blackpool

Hey guys,

So a few weeks ago I went on a day trip to Blackpool, which if you don't know is a seaside town in England. The reason I went was to see the annual Blackpool eliminations, which is just a fancy way of saying I went to see the Blackpool Christmas lights. But this week I decided I wanted to do something different with my blog post and I made a short video with some of the clips that I got from Blackpool and I thought I would share it with you guys.

So this is the video and I'm aware its not amazing quality but I thought it would be a fun way for you all to see what it is like in Blackpool instead of my usual picture taking.I hope you like the video and don't forget to comment below and also like, comment and share the video if you like.

xoxo Lucy 

Monday, 3 November 2014

My Halloween this year

Hey guys,

So I hope you guys all had an amazing Halloween full of not so many tricks and lots of treats. This past week I've had a week off of uni so just been relaxing and enjoying the Halloween fun! I hope all you guys had a lovely week last week too. So I spent a lot of my Halloween day decorating and preparing for Halloween night and it was so much fun. I just wanted to share some of the pictures of the decorations, we didn't do anything fancy this year just stayed in, made our own pizzas, ate some sweet treats and watched some scary Halloween movies.

I hope you like all of these pictures and I will see you on Friday for a pretty cool post. If anyone has any questions leave them in the comments below and don't forget to check out all of my social media above. I'm going to start asking a question on each post which you can comment your answer in the comments if you like so today I'm asking what is your favourite sweet treat on Halloween?

xoxo Lucy