All About Lucy

My name is Lucy, I'm an ordinary 19 years old, I live in England and I decided to start a blog a few months ago about all the fun things in life.

I'm a pretty down to earth person, I'm currently at university studying early years and childhood studies and I'm not really sure what i want to do once I leave university but I'm sure I will find out.

I'm a pretty creative person, I love to do crafts I just hardly ever have the time. I also love YouTube, watching movies and TV series.

My blog is a little hobby for me to keep me occupied, I do lots of different things on my blog monthly favourites, hauls, D.I.Y's, seasonal specials and many other things.

I'm not making this blog to impress anyone or try to become anything I just want to encourage myself to do things I wouldn't usually do and to share those things with the people who like to read my blog!

So if you think you'd enjoy my blog come back on a Monday and Friday to see my blog posts. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog I hope you will stick around to see my future posts.

xoxo Lucy